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   Books, old tires, furnitures, everything around us has a second life. It actually depends on you how it's gonna look like. Only imagination is a limit when it comes to upcycling. Be creative and breathe new life into your old items. Let trash be useful! 

   We are here to bring you some inspiration. This site is a collection of the most interesting ideas I've found on internet. But you will also find here a lot of DIY tutorials and interview I made with a young upcycling artists. If you are one of them and think that you have something interesting to show the world don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm happy to meet everybody who just like me love upcycling. 

What is upcycling?

   Upcycling is a process in which you are designing your own unique and useful items by finding a new purpose of waste materials and unwanted objects you usually would just throw out to the garbage. Thanks to upcycling you not only save money and help the environment but also exploring your creative side.

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