Feb 2, 2013

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Upcycled clothes hangers

What can we do of a cloth hanger?

   Today’s topic is about thing what everyone of us have at home but most of us woldn’t give a thought about usin it as a upcycling material.

We can do a hanger chair…

This is an really intresting, upcycling idea of Vanessa Marie Robinson.

Co mozemy zrobic z wieszakow na ubrania?

   Dzisejszy post jest na temat przedmiotu, o ktorym nikt prawdopodobnie nie pomsylalby jak o potencjalnym materiale na upcycling. 

N.p krzeslo... 

Taki pomysl miala Vanessa Marie Robinson. Tylko spojrzcie!

Or a Hanger Lamp...

Albo wiszaca lampe...


A recipe book holder

Wieszak na przepisy


A food package klip

Klips na opkaowania


The Clothes Hanger Necklace Made From Recycled Metal Hooks

Naszyjnik z hakow


Plastic hanger dress by Melissa Murphy

Sukienka z plastikowych wieszakow


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